14 September 2009
Transcontinental Inc. files preliminary short form base prospectus
MONTREAL—Late last week Transcontinental Inc., who ranked second in Graphic Monthly’s top 100 printers in 2009 announced they were filing a preliminary short form base shelf prospectus relating to debt securities and preferred shares for aggregate proceeds of up to $500 million with securities regulators in each province of Canada. According to a press release these securities can be offered up from time to time during a 25-month period where the prospectus remains valid. Transcontinental may issue securities under this prospectus for purposes such as repaying debt and financing acquisitions and investments.

The corporation was required to re-file their financial statements for the year ended Oct. 31, 2008 due to the signing of the prospectus. The revision does not have an impact on any other financial information in the statements, according to a press release.
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Bob says:
Good, I feel no sadness for them....
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