30 September 2009
UPS Store announces online printing services for Canada and U.S.
TORONTO—The UPS store recently announced that it is launching the first phase of a new online printing initiative, available at Theupsstore.com. Marketed mainly at small business owners and those who work at home, the majority of the printing will be done in-store, says Becca Andrews, public relations with the UPS Store in the United States. There are no templates involved,  users simply upload the documents they need printed. “The nice thing about it is that all of our stores are networked so that if one store can’t do it, they send it to another and back and it is seamless to the customer,” she says.

It also works with Ohio-based document management company, Standard Register so if there is a large job that requires a quick turnaround it can be outsourced there. The next phase of the UPS Stores online printing plan, says Andrews is to have an integrated shipping option. Currently customers have to pick up their orders in-store, but within the next six months the UPS Store hopes to have a seamless shipping option.
In Canada, the UPS Store (Theupsstore.ca) has been focused on print for some time and will be launching an online printing service in October, says Michelle Cameron, public relations for the UPS Store in Canada. “It’s based on a slightly different platform than the United States,” she says. “We will be using different software.” Through making online print ordering available, the UPS Store in Canada is also reaching out to local small business owners. “Placing orders online is a convenient option for business owners,” she says. “You know that your orders are being taken care of conveniently and reliably.”

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