1 November 2011
Professionals still sweet on print, says survey
STILLWATER, MN—A survey recently released by an American-based group reveals professionals still hold print in high regard when it comes to their work.

The survey by Readex Research garnered 2,095 responses, and shows professionals turn to search engines most often (77% of respondents use it regularly) while print magazines related to their industry/profession rank second along with e-newsletters (74%).

A somewhat distant third is trade/industry websites (55% use them regularly) while at the bottom of the list is social media, of which only 30% of the respondents use on a regular basis for information.

Steve Blom, director of sales and marketing at Readex Research, explained the purpose of the surveys: "With so many advertisers feeling that they have to ’place their bets’ with certain media offerings, it became clear to us that helping publishers illustrate how the market uses media would help in their sales efforts."

The Readex report notes that of the nine forms of media listed in the survey, 55% indicated they use five of them or more, with only 5% indicating they use only one. Blom added, "These results maintain that marketers need to gain exposure over a variety of media, and that focusing on a single medium neglects a portion of the market."

The studies were conducted between September 2010 and May 2011.
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