7 May 2012
BC printer trying new things to combat drop in print
VANCOUVER—Business in Vancouver offers a look at how at least one BC printer is adapting to market demand.

The article stresses a drop in print (in favour of digital), which is nothing that anyone in the industry doesn't know, but that some printers, like MET Fine Printers in Vancouver (which just bought Larsen's Bookbinding) are trying new things to overcome these challenges.
MET is adapting by exanding its printing capabilities, noted the article, which explains the company now prints on a product made from recycled plastic bottles.

Meanwhile, BC design firms have realized it's difficult to thrive solely as a print studio, as print is only a component of their clients' overall communications strategy. But designers are still needed to build a company's image, for example. "The clients who are smart are actually realizing they need a designer more than they did in the past," said Matthew Warburton, owner of Vancouver's Emdoubleyu Design, in the article.

Business in Vancouver also recently published the top printers in Metro Vancouver in 2011 ranked by revenue. Topping the list was TC - Transcontinental Printing - Vancouver with a reported $56 million in sales last year.
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