6 May 2018
Worldwide Market for Print 2.0 Study Releases
The Association for Print Technologies (NPES)  has announced a new study Print 2.0 . According to this  study, print packaging, publishing printing, and marketing & commercial printing, the largest industry segments, which account for a majority of the worldwide market, are projected to expand from $389bn in 2017 to $421bn in 2020, increasing 2.7% on average per year. Further, the study projects:print packaging will have healthy annual global growth of 4.5% through 2020;
print growth will be dragged down by publishing printing, which will contract at an annual rate of 2%; and,marketing & commercial printing will grow at a moderate pace of 0.7%.
The outlook for publishing printing will remain challenging over the next five years with the rise of digital media and decline in printed advertising sales continuing to create a difficult environment. As of 2017, the top five publishing printing markets in the world are China, U.S., Japan, UK and France, which together account for over 71% of the global market. With exchange rates expected to level out in the coming years, the growth in marketing & commercial printing revenues will rebound in 2017–21.
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