21 August 2019
Pazazz Printing Moving and Unionizing
About $15 million before creditor protection
Was about $15 million before it went into creditor protection
Pazazz Printing is moving to Mitchel Lincoln building in St. Laurent. Pazazz will be merged with Michell Lincoln's display division Imacor. All the production staff will become unionized the same as Mitchel Lincon employees. Pazazz went into creditor protection in January of this year.
Imacor plant St. Laurent
Imacor plant St. Laurent
Jimmy Garfinkle (owner of Mitchell Lincoln) and Mark Giroux ( President of Pazazz)  bought the assets of Pazazz from the receiver. Warren Werbitt the founder of Pazazz left the company in March.Pazazz was once  listed by Graphic Monthly as Canada's 73rd largest printer and by Printing Impressions as North America's 270th largest printer with sales of $15 million. 
3. Employee says:
11 September 2019 at 11:02 AM
Marc, when can we expect the press release with the correct information. We were all in the room when you and Jimmy made the announcement we were moving with Imacor, you would be president and the pressman would be unionized.
2. Employee says:
23 August 2019 at 9:46 AM
This is a show of bad journalism. The article is false, and was not verified before being published. It is also full of grammatical errors. The author should learn how to check spelling and facts.

Editor's note: We did phone  at least 3 times in over a week with no reply. In your objection you have not said what are the errors or offered  any additional information. 
1. Marc Giroux, Pazazz says:
22 August 2019 at 10:52 AM
I regret to inform readers that the information above is innacurate and mostly false. We are not moving into a Mitchel Lincoln owned building, Pazazz is not being merged with Imacor and the Pazazz employees are currently not being unionized. Pazazz will issue a press release this week with the correct information. thank-you
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sad says:
5 cents on the dollar , and people will give the new look company credit ??? give your heads a shake...
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